Lassa fever: Provost College of Health Technology directs health experts to embark on awareness campaign

Against the backdrop of a renewed outbreak of Lassa fever in the country, the Provost of College of Health Sciences and Technology who doubles as the deputy National President and State president of Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria (EHOAN), Dr. Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu has directed all environmental health officer in the college, State and local government levels to immediately reembark on massive awareness campaigns aimed at controlling the spread of Lassa Fever within the state.

According to him, the environmental health experts were tasked to destroy and eradicate rodents in homes, commercial and industrial premises.
He advised citizens to imbibe good sanitation and hygiene practices and take preventive and control measures which he said, included “keeping the environment clean to avoid rodents; keeping food away from rodents; storing grains and other foodstuffs in rodents proof containers and disposing of wastes regularly and far away from homes. ”

Other measures, he said, were, “Cooking all foods thoroughly; blocking rat hideouts,deratization, washing of hands regularly with soap and running water as well as using protective equipment like masks, gloves, gowns among others in healthcare centres.

Dr Anyegwu, who equally enjoined citizens to avoid or stop eating rats as much as possible, Environmental officer of the College had begun to sensitize the public on Lassa fever outbreak as well as create awareness on preventive and control measures from college of Health to other schools.

“This sensitisation will be a continuous exercise and will be taken down to the grassroots such as local communities, mosques, churches, markets, motor parks, restaurants, hotels and to any place where there is the likelihood of large gathering,” he added.

Tosin Tafu
Public Relation Officer

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